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Contact: Lisa Lemke, Executive Director


Supporting corporate legal department staff augmentation is an area of strategic focus for Legility. Legility has an extensive, nationwide roster of attorneys providing core, mid-complexity and often high-complexity services working under the supervision and guidance of in-house counsel at over half of the Fortune 500. In our Enterprise Legal Solutions division, we provide technology-enabled teams of attorneys, managed by a Legility Project Manager, with advanced processes and workflows in the following areas: (1) Litigation Associates Program – One or more Legility attorneys dedicated to handle the associate-level work on litigation matters, including third party subpoenas, repeatable claims, and discovery, research, pleadings, and brief writing on cases: (2) Commercial Contracts – On-demand contract review, drafting, negotiation and management services aligned with a client’s pre-agreed playbook; (3) Contract Knowledge Management – CMS integration, abstract data from contracts for specific needs or general contracts management; (4) Deal Support: Due diligence in acquisitions, divestitures and internal reorganizations, and streamlined post-closing business integration by translating separate source documents into usable, actionable data; (5) Audit & Compliance Reviews – Review and abstract data from contracts and related documents in connection with regulatory and compliance needs. Flexible Talent resources and Enterprise Legal Solutions teams are scalable and approximately one-third of the cost of outside counsel rates.

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