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BlackBoiler’s patented, award-winning technology tackles the $35 billion problem of time-consuming, inefficient contract review and markup. Its Automated Contract Markup tool helps companies negotiate contracts in a fraction of the time by automating the contract negotiation process. With its proprietary deep learning and natural language processing technology, BlackBoiler creates editing models that instantly make company-specific revisions to previously unseen documents based on a company’s playbook.

Most importantly, it grows smarter and increases in efficiency with each use, cutting contract review times by more than 70%. BlackBoiler makes all suggested revisions using Microsoft Word’s “Track Changes” feature, just like a lawyer would. It integrates seamlessly with an organization’s IT infrastructure and utilizes two tools every lawyer uses every day, email and Word. Attorneys can benefit from BlackBoiler’s powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence without having to learn new applications or adopt new workflows.

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